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Terrasse & Outdoor Facilities

Villa la Ponote has a super spacious terrace it is stunning and has 2 views of the sea You can see the port on one side  and the other a little peak on Renecros beach but more importantly, you can hear the sound of the sea as you sip the Bandol Rosé wine  on the terrasse.  Ideal for dining , having your aperitif or just simply lounging under the Provencale sun. 

There is a retractable canapé which shades the full terasse.

Located on a quiet side street, its the ideal place to end the day with a glass of Bandol Rosé. 

There are 2 foldable Beach Deck chairs and some beach mats, Buckets  & Spades, Snorkelling gear, Beach-Tennis Bats - Plenty to keep all ages entertained. 

Terrasse & Outdoor Facilities: Product
Terrasse & Outdoor Facilities: Gallery
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